At the beginning of the year, we informed you of the publication of the Sunshine Act in the Belgian Official Journal (in particular chapter 1 of title 3 of the law of December 18, 2016 containing various health provisions, M.B. December 27, 2016: click here to consult the text of the Sunshine Act). This law was, however, to be further elaborated by a Royal Decree of execution.

Good news: this Royal Decree has been published today in the Belgian Official Journal, in particular the Royal Decree of June 14, 2017 implementing the Sunshine Act. With this Decree, the Sunshine Act not only comes into force today, but is also further executed.

Specifically, the provisions of the Sunshine Act apply to premiums and benefits granted during the calendar year 2017 to healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and/or patient organizations. The first data to be notified on this legal basis must be uploaded by 31 May 2018 at the latest and then made public by 30 June 2018 at the latest.

Following the publication of this Royal Decree, Mdeon will introduce an accreditation file to have its platform approved as an organization that will carry out the tasks of the FAMHP, as provided for in the Sunshine Act. As soon as Mdeon has officially been recognized as a transparency platform (by means of another royal decree to be published), we will put on our Extranet the (new) template to be used to (prepare the) upload data. Of course, we keep you informed in this regard.

In September 2017, will organize a major information session for the industry to explain in detail the new legal framework (including the differences with the current transparency in self-regulation). More information will follow.

See also the press release of Minister De Block d.d. 23.06.2017